Regarding Registration, all potential attendees must note the follow:

  • All entrepreneurs from around the world are eligible to attend the event. Adequate accommodation, 2 times daily feeding and souvenirs are already provided for,

  • For Visa Procurement, potential attendees from abroad need to request for duly authenticated Visa Invitation Letter to process their Visa.

  • For group registration, each member of the group must register Individually with their details.

  • Tickets generated after successful registration must be kept safe as it is important at the point of admission on arrival for the event.

  • To register for the event and also request for a Visa Invitation Letter, kindly go to the BUY TICKET menu on the website.
All generated Tickets after successful registration contain a barcode and a ticket number which are important at the point of entrance, kindly keep them safe

Further note:
Alternatively, if you encounter any problem while registering, kindly contact us at so the admin can put you through manual registration, then you make your registration payment after getting notification of your registration.

Only registered attendees from abroad are eligible to request for the paid VISA INVITATION LETTER which takes processing duration of 2 to 4 hours.